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Laitila Pimeä SRA 2015 gallery

Some pictures from Laitila Pimeä SRA 2015

Light Mount to Special EDCE

The year turns to time with less light which means some SRA competitions in the dark w/ weapon lights.

I have currently shot mostly with my custom 2011, Special EDCE, but my only pistol with a light mount is CZ Shadow.

As we all know, xx11 pistols have different grip angle than CZ, which is a problem as currently my wrists tend to turn to xx11 angle, so in the dark when you can’t properly see, the CZ points upwards if the wrists are not adjusted.

So set to enable mounting my pistol light (Nextorch WL10) to the Special EDCE. The options were to attach or machine some rail. We went with the latter.

Here are few pictures of the process:

measuring the mounting profile on Nextorch WL10
Milling the mount to dust cover
Milling the mount to dust cover
Finished mount
Finished mount
End product
End product

Unfortunately the dust cover does not have very much structural strength so we had to make some compromises which makes this a custom fitting between the gun and the lamp in question. So the result is not an actual picatinny/weaver rail, only similar to.

Uudenmaan SRA Piirikarsinta II / 2016 (pictures)

Two Special Squadders and one prospect took part in Uudenmaa court SRA qualifications competition.

The weather was great for the date ( October 25th) and the stages were mostly pretty nice to shoot, with only few complaints: the plates on the plate-rack on stage1 were very heavy and it was not easy to tell a hit from 300m and 150m metal targets (stage4 and 5).

First we had to wait pretty long for the stage officials to finish their pre-match, but after that, the timetable held and we could quickly move to next stage after the previous one was shot.

After last stage we had some car problems but managed to get to awards ceremony  in time to collect the medals for 1st and 2nd in Open Division.
Show gallery

Vares Cup SRA III / 2015

Third component match of Vares Cup 2015.

Everything did not go so well, but fortunately the long rifle stages were successful and gave enough points to compensate for the malfunctioning shotgun and the lack of pistol skills.



Demo videos of IPSC

I have though for a while to do some sort of recap or compilation from the vast amount of un-edited shooting videos. I finally managed to get myself to do it, as I’m instructing an IPSC beginners course next weekend and these kinds of demo-videos will be a good addition to the rule-books and slideshows.

Demo 1 is about different start conditions: loaded, chamber empty and unloaded (or “Option 1 through 3”)


Demo 2 has reloads with pistol, shotgun and rifle


And the final video has different “stage challenges” and one example solution for them


Ps. I’m truly sorry about the few scenes that were apparently filmed with a potato..

SRA Legalizer for SLB holster

Since I got my SLB holster I knew that I would not need another holster with my CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow. Only problem with the holster is that it is not suitable for SRA. SRA rules state that the hoster must cover at least front sight, ejection port and trigger. At it’s vanilla state SLB holster covers only trigger, so something had to be done.

Like my SLB holster accessory for CZ-75 Airsoft gun my only “rules” for this next project was that it must not require any modifications to the holster and I must be able to attach and detach the addition easily without tools.

Without further talk, let me introduce the early prototype of SLB SRA Legalizer!



The SRA Legalizer is made from acrylic, polyethylene plastic, M3 screws, M4 threaded bar, plastic glue and ****load of curse words.

The outer side is held in place by M4 threaded bar. This is the first thing to insert when installing the accessory.
Inner side is held in place by pin made from piano wire.
Inner side is held in place by pin made from piano wire.
This is really an early prototype. As you can see from unfinished corners etc.