Holosun model comparison update

Holosun have been busy updating their micro red dot lineup. It’s about time to have an updated model/feature chart.

There are few discontinued models listed in Holosun’s pages: 403GL, 503C, 515C and 515CU. This does not quarantee that all of the models in the chart below are still available or manufactured. For up to date status of current models please visit https://holosun.com

Holosun divides their red dots into two categories: Classic and Elite series. In my oppinion it would serve no purpose to have two charts so I’ve added the new models to the previous chart and updated the columns to reflect new features introduced with new models.

  Aimpoint compatible base Green reticle Gold reticle Solar power Side battery housing Rotary brightness dial Circle and 2MOA dot Integrated lens covers Ruggerized frame around turrets Titanium Frame Up to 100000 hours battery life Fully submersible 30 mm lens Discontinued
HS403B x                          
HE403B-GR x x                        
HS403C x     x                    
HE403C-GR x x   x                    
HS403GL x       x                 x
HE403GL-GR x x     x                  
HS403R x       x x         x      
HE403R-GD x   x   x x                
HS503BU x           x   x          
HS503C x     x     x             x
HS503CU x     x     x   x          
HE503CU-GR x x   x     x   x          
HS503GU x       x   x   x          
HE503GU-GR x x     x   x   x          
HS503R x       x x x   x   x      
HE503R-GD x   x   x x x   x          
HS515BU x           x x x         x
HS515C x     x     x x x          
HS515CM x     x     x x x     x    
HE515CM-GR x x   x     x x x     x    
HS515CU x     x     x x x         x
HS515GM x       x   x x x     x    
HE515GM-GR x x     x   x x x     x    
HE515GT x       x   x x x x   x    
HE515GT-GR x x     x   x x x x   x    
HE515CT x     x     x x x x   x    
HE515CT-GR x x   x     x x x x   x    
HE530C x     x     x x    x   x x  
HE530C-GR x x   x     x x    x   x x  
HE530G-GR x x     x   x x     x x  
  • A base model without Aimpoint compatible mount
  • B base model with Aimpoint compatible mount
  • C Solar powered model
  • G External battery housing
  • R Rotary Brightness Dial around battery housing
  • U Ruggerized frame around turrets
  • M Extra ruggerized frame + better waterproofing (IPX8 instead of IP67)
  • T Titanium frame and IPX8 rating
  • HS Classic series
  • HE Elite series
  • 403 2MOA dot
  • 503 65MOA ring + 2MOA dot
  • 515 Ring + dot + integrated flip-up lens covers
  • 530 30 mm lens (compared to 20 mm in rest of the lineup) Also titanium frame (and IPX8 rating) without M or T in model name.

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