Holosun micro red dot feature comparison chart

ABCGLUM and all combinations of them. Confusing isn’t it?

What are the differences between Holosun micro red dot models?

Aimpoint compatible base Solar power Side battery housing (Aimpoint micro style) Circle and 2MOA dot Integrated lens covers Ruggerized frame around turrets 30 m and 30 min waterproof
HS403B x
HS403C x x
HS403GL x x
HS503BU x x x
HS503CU x x x x
HS503GU x x x x
HS515BU x x x x
HS515C x x x x
HS515CM x x x x x x
HS515CU x x x x x
HS515GM x x x x x x


  • A base model without Aimpoint compatible mount
  • B base model with Aimpoint compatible mount
  • C Solar powered model
  • G External battery housing
  • U Ruggerized frame around turrets
  • M Extra ruggerized frame + better waterproofing
  • 403 2MOA dot
  • 503 65MOA ring + 2MOA dot
  • 515 Ring + dot + integrated flip-up lens covers

11 thoughts on “Holosun micro red dot feature comparison chart”

  1. This was super helpful and exactly what I was looking for. After visiting Holosun’s website and seeing all the different red dots with similar names, I had no idea what the differences were. Will most likely go with the 503CU or 503GU. Thanks!

    1. L indicates a new, improved model that retains the features of the previously introduced model. So, basically a freshened version of an optic.

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