CZ-75 Action Air pistol and SLB holster

After I purchased my SLB holster I immediately throw away my crappy kydex holster I had for my KJW KP-09 CZ-75 Action Air pistol. (KJW stands for Kuan-Ju-Works.)

Only problem is that in SLB quick draw holster the pistol is held in place from the front picatinny rail (present CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow) which obviously my Action Air pistol did not have.

One viable solution would have been to purchase older style SLB front support part, but I don’t feel comfortable screwing and unscrewing that part every time I’d change from ActionAir to Shadow.  And I really like the picatinny solution for Shadow so I had to figure out another solution.

After 1 hour of brainstorming and many nearly-cut-myself-with-knife -situations later… meet the DIY Action Air support for  SLB!

Action Air support for SLB Action Air support for SLB

Pardon the grinding marks, but the tools I used to make this out of PE plastic were: knife, sandpaper, file and tears (I have all of my tools elsewhere, so I had to live with what I had in hands) When I have opportunity I will give this part a quick heatgun treatment to melt all plastic lint and scratches away. 

I can attach and detach this part in seconds and because it is sitting tightly between aluminium support and the original picatinny holder it won’t move anywhere.

Action Air support for SLB

And final picture with my trusty Action Air CZ-75

Action Air support for SLB

DIY Fix for Baikal MP-153

I’ve now tested the Baikal MP-153 and guess what? It fails to cycle 100%.

If you don’t know the whole story you might want to start reading here

This time it will throw out the empty shell out and will push new cartridge in the chamber, but about 20% of the times I shoot the gun empty it fails to leave the bolt and slide locked in the back. With high speed camera I was able to confirm that slide does not move enough for the locking to engage.

I did not bother to call the dealer nor the importer about this. I figured that now that the gun is out of warranty (according to importer, because I’ve added washer on top of the slide release button) then I might fix the gun by my self.

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IPSC Shotgun Rules 5.3.2

There seems to be some different interpretations about shotgun rule 5.3.2

Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing the competitor’s equipment belt carrying cartridges
(in caddies, loops, clips, bags or pouches) and/or detachable magazines and/or speed loaders must be worn at
waist level. “Chest-rigs”, bandoliers and similar carriers are expressly prohibited. Additional ammunition
carriers mounted on forearms are permitted provided that cartridges are carried individually in loops or clips.

So it should be legal to hold load-2 or load-4 modules in your forearm as the cartridges are held individually in clips.

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Baikal MP-153 – on it’s way to home

Got a call from the dealer. Gun was returned back to them “fully functional” with a hefty bill for “out of warranty repair”

Thankfully I did not have to pay a dime. Dealer took the loss here, big thanks to them!

Bright side is that now I learned that the gas valve ring should be adjusted so that the gap is at the opposite side from the gas ports. And I also know that goodwill is not dead. Did I mention that I very grateful for everything the dealer did for me. It was the gunsmiths that made me reconsider this whole “send to repair” – thing.

Update: There was a “minor” misunderstanding. In the end I had to pay 140 euros for nothing.

“MP-153 gasport check + test shooting + gas port adjustement” = 140 eur

What the… what?! Oh just because I’ve added larger knob to slide release button the gun is now clearly out of warranty. Why do I have a feeling that if I go and test shoot this gun it will failure to feed?

Quick recap: Before sending the gun to warranty repair I cleaned the gun and for the sake of clarity adjusted the gas nut back to it’s factory default setting. I ended up paying 140 euros for them to lube, test-shoot and turn the gas nut one revolution in (where it oh-so-conveniently was before I adjusted it back to default settings)

If the gun will failure to feed I’ll have 3,5 kg worth of assorted metals for sale. (disclaimer, this scrap metal will require a valid purchase permit for *giggle* semi-auto 😀 shotgun)