Baikal MP-153 – on it’s way to home

Got a call from the dealer. Gun was returned back to them “fully functional” with a hefty bill for “out of warranty repair”

Thankfully I did not have to pay a dime. Dealer took the loss here, big thanks to them!

Bright side is that now I learned that the gas valve ring should be adjusted so that the gap is at the opposite side from the gas ports. And I also know that goodwill is not dead. Did I mention that I very grateful for everything the dealer did for me. It was the gunsmiths that made me reconsider this whole “send to repair” – thing.

Update: There was a “minor” misunderstanding. In the end I had to pay 140 euros for nothing.

“MP-153 gasport check + test shooting + gas port adjustement” = 140 eur

What the… what?! Oh just because I’ve added larger knob to slide release button the gun is now clearly out of warranty. Why do I have a feeling that if I go and test shoot this gun it will failure to feed?

Quick recap: Before sending the gun to warranty repair I cleaned the gun and for the sake of clarity adjusted the gas nut back to it’s factory default setting. I ended up paying 140 euros for them to lube, test-shoot and turn the gas nut one revolution in (where it oh-so-conveniently was before I adjusted it back to default settings)

If the gun will failure to feed I’ll have 3,5 kg worth of assorted metals for sale. (disclaimer, this scrap metal will require a valid purchase permit for *giggle* semi-auto 😀 shotgun)

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