IPSC Shotgun Rules 5.3.2

There seems to be some different interpretations about shotgun rule 5.3.2

Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing the competitor’s equipment belt carrying cartridges
(in caddies, loops, clips, bags or pouches) and/or detachable magazines and/or speed loaders must be worn at
waist level. “Chest-rigs”, bandoliers and similar carriers are expressly prohibited. Additional ammunition
carriers mounted on forearms are permitted provided that cartridges are carried individually in loops or clips.

So it should be legal to hold load-2 or load-4 modules in your forearm as the cartridges are held individually in clips.

Based on the Shotgun rules 2012, each of the following combinations to carry shells should be legal. If one is deemed illegal, on what grounds and why aren’t they all?

UPDATE: topic at village people: http://ipsc.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=17846


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