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CZ-75 Action Air pistol and SLB holster

After I purchased my SLB holster I immediately throw away my crappy kydex holster I had for my KJW KP-09 CZ-75 Action Air pistol. (KJW stands for Kuan-Ju-Works.)

Only problem is that in SLB quick draw holster the pistol is held in place from the front picatinny rail (present CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow) which obviously my Action Air pistol did not have.

One viable solution would have been to purchase older style SLB front support part, but I don’t feel comfortable screwing and unscrewing that part every time I’d change from ActionAir to Shadow.  And I really like the picatinny solution for Shadow so I had to figure out another solution.

After 1 hour of brainstorming and many nearly-cut-myself-with-knife -situations later… meet the DIY Action Air support for  SLB!

Action Air support for SLB Action Air support for SLB

Pardon the grinding marks, but the tools I used to make this out of PE plastic were: knife, sandpaper, file and tears (I have all of my tools elsewhere, so I had to live with what I had in hands) When I have opportunity I will give this part a quick heatgun treatment to melt all plastic lint and scratches away. 

I can attach and detach this part in seconds and because it is sitting tightly between aluminium support and the original picatinny holder it won’t move anywhere.

Action Air support for SLB

And final picture with my trusty Action Air CZ-75

Action Air support for SLB


Special Squad attended a three day 3gun match in Estonia, organized by Rewal Shooting Club. Both shooters were in standard 3gun division and component matches.

Unfortunately one Estonian shooter was superior and won all three component matches (although shot one of them in Open division as the tournament in question allowed shooters to compete in non-3gun division in one match) and thus won the Standard division 3gun with 300 points. Second and third had 235.39 and 235.31 points.

Special Squad got one silver medal from shotgun component match. Unfortunately the longest stage in the shotgun competition was cancelled and this might have been the reason for not getting more medals!

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