SRA Legalizer for SLB holster

Since I got my SLB holster I knew that I would not need another holster with my CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow. Only problem with the holster is that it is not suitable for SRA. SRA rules state that the hoster must cover at least front sight, ejection port and trigger. At it’s vanilla state SLB holster covers only trigger, so something had to be done.

Like my SLB holster accessory for CZ-75 Airsoft gun my only “rules” for this next project was that it must not require any modifications to the holster and I must be able to attach and detach the addition easily without tools.

Without further talk, let me introduce the early prototype of SLB SRA Legalizer!



The SRA Legalizer is made from acrylic, polyethylene plastic, M3 screws, M4 threaded bar, plastic glue and ****load of curse words.

The outer side is held in place by M4 threaded bar. This is the first thing to insert when installing the accessory.
Inner side is held in place by pin made from piano wire.
Inner side is held in place by pin made from piano wire.
This is really an early prototype. As you can see from unfinished corners etc.

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