Nordic Rifle Match 2014

SS-RO on pre-match stage 19
SS-RO on pre-match stage 19

Special squad (SS) participated in Nordic Rife Match 2014  as Range Officers and shot the match in pre-match. For us the event was 4½ days from wednesday afternoon to sunday. SS was responsible to handle stages 15 and 16 on main match.

We had two new cameras to provide better coverage of the failures events of the match, totaling in possible 5 different angles.

such cameras
such cameras

There should have been much more match officials. The loss of match officials made the experience from fixing the stages on Wednesday evening and in-between Thursdays pre-match to running 10+km/day on Stage16 in main match very exhausting.

At the end, everyone made it home alive, although one SS-official broke her hand on Friday evening but came to the stage straight after being released from the hospital on Saturday morning and worked the rest of the match as one-handed patcher/plate-setter on Stage16!


SS-theme of the match was mostly that “you have to have humor, if we lose it, then we are in trouble”. For finnish people: Huumoria pitää olla:

Stage11 was a little different than most of the IPSC stages, 20 A4 targets in a forest. Special squad got to shoot the stage , but it was later removed from the main match.

after the last stage on pre-match day1, humor is still present!

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