Loimaa Shotgun 2014 – failure to feed edition.

How did the competition went? I was asked.

Let me tell how it went… Out of the 12 stages in only 5 my shotgun worked flawless, had still fun. Because humor.

In stages 6,7,8,9 and 10 gas adjustment was too tight and I got occasional jams every every 3-5 shot.
In stages 4 and 5 follower formed a bit too close relationship with feed ramp. But humor, others had it. I was too busy whacking the receiver with my fist.

Enough with the excuses why I sucked. About the match.
The Stages were excellent! Every stage was challenging but yet fun to shoot. Even stage 6 was entertaining (for everyone who found all targets).

Were you aware that there were two poppers as well? -RO

I really liked the three slug stages (Stages 1, 2 and 3) Especially the Stage 3 was really challenging with four divided targets and no-shoots next to A-area.
I think I can speak for many practical shotgun shooter that our training with slug shots consist of testing how the cartridges work. And if possible all testing to be performed during week preceding the competition.

Go get the f**ng shotgun already will ya? -RO

The key to success is not only managing the slug stages, but to practice enough and concentrate at the contest. Reason why I was hammered by a first timers was not because I sucked, but because they had their mind focused in the competition. I had my mind focu.. kusidödö. But humor. I will claim that we won at humor.

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