Loimaa Shotgun 9

As you might have guessed from the previous post,  SS took part in IPSC Shotgun Finnish championships 2014.

We all shot in the pre-match after a hard night’s work. The weather was good and the shooting was bad but fortunately not as bad as the jokes. The pre-match seemed never ending and it took from morning to evening so towards the end and due to exhaustion, the interest in the competition was pretty close to zero .

F*ck the walk-through, let’s just shoot the damn stage so we can get out of here!

The lack of interest resulted in stupid shooting and moving plans for the CoF, shooting no-shoot and misses. As a cherry on the top, the last CoF for SS was shot with a shotgun that wasn’t even the shooters own..   a defense, the shotgun intended to use and the shotgun actually used were both Benelli Vincis, only difference being the color of the fiber optic and the choke (finnish: SUUHINEN ) used.

Official results can be found from the official match site and combined results are provided by SS: combined-overall and combined-stages

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