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Pikijärventie SRA 2015 (gallery included)

Special Squad took part in Pikijärventie 2015 which was an SRA competition with 7 stages. The stages were well built and adequately challenging without being too complicated or memory games. The theme was “Operation Overlord” (Allied code name for Battle of Normandy). Stage descriptions in Finnish, with pictures

Stage 1 was a “sniper stage” with targets from 200 to 500m and allowed to be shot with a larger caliber rifle including a proper scope. The used targets were Jasters, a type of electronically functioning (reset, set up/down) large metal sheets. The organizer provided a .308 AR with a Leica scope, free of charge. Only one of us was able to shoot all 6 of the targets (200, 300, 2×385 and 2x500m) with the help of his own and familiar AR-10..

Stage 2 had a tank prop and it was nice and fast shooting with some close-up papers and 6 Jasters in a little distance. Stage 3 was a pistol stage with some paper targets and four poppers that were required to be shot strong hand only. Stage 4 had a very slow sledge that was activated from front of the stage, by the sandbags.

Stage 5 was nice variation from most of the stages we have shot. It simulated being stuck in a tree with a parachute! On stage 6 there was a Sig made AR-15, provided by organizer and readily set up with four rounds in the mag. In start you had to rack, shoot two papers, make safe and leave the rifle, continuing with pistol. Stage 7 was sort of a run and gun with shotgun, requiring minimal 16 shots.

We had two team entries, one for open (avoin) and one for standard (vakio). In combined results the open team won and standard team came second. Individually we won the lady category, had second on standard division and third on open.

prizes acquired by Special Squad

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Talvi SRA 2015 Photos

Special Squad attended an SRA competition (a Finnish discipline  that is similar to IPSC 3gun, but with a little army reserve twist). Here’s some photos (videos will follow later).

Demo videos of IPSC

I have though for a while to do some sort of recap or compilation from the vast amount of un-edited shooting videos. I finally managed to get myself to do it, as I’m instructing an IPSC beginners course next weekend and these kinds of demo-videos will be a good addition to the rule-books and slideshows.

Demo 1 is about different start conditions: loaded, chamber empty and unloaded (or “Option 1 through 3”)


Demo 2 has reloads with pistol, shotgun and rifle


And the final video has different “stage challenges” and one example solution for them


Ps. I’m truly sorry about the few scenes that were apparently filmed with a potato..

Loimaa Shotgun 9

As you might have guessed from the previous post,  SS took part in IPSC Shotgun Finnish championships 2014.

We all shot in the pre-match after a hard night’s work. The weather was good and the shooting was bad but fortunately not as bad as the jokes. The pre-match seemed never ending and it took from morning to evening so towards the end and due to exhaustion, the interest in the competition was pretty close to zero .

F*ck the walk-through, let’s just shoot the damn stage so we can get out of here!

The lack of interest resulted in stupid shooting and moving plans for the CoF, shooting no-shoot and misses. As a cherry on the top, the last CoF for SS was shot with a shotgun that wasn’t even the shooters own..   a defense, the shotgun intended to use and the shotgun actually used were both Benelli Vincis, only difference being the color of the fiber optic and the choke (finnish: SUUHINEN ) used.

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Preparing for the pre-match @ Loimaa Shotgun 9 (Finnish Championship 2014)

Special Squad (SS) is once again operating as a work force in IPSC Shotgun Finnish Championships. This time the roster consists of a few RO:s plus few patch/plate-monkeys. SS arrived early to range to meet the MD for briefing about the necessary tasks before pre-match.

Most important task was to prepare the lines to hold the clay pigeons for stage1 (Shotgun FC2014 Stages).

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