DIY .22lr brass catcher


Plinker / .22lr : a cheap and fun way to do some training for rifle shooting, but collecting the small brass is a pain in the ass, especially on outdoor ranges, especially on winter when there is snow and all.

It is not stupid if it works!

I knew that I was going to range on next day and there was going to be snow, so I started thinking if I could create a brass catcher from items currently available at my apartment.

Apparently you can get a fully functioning .22lr brass catcher with almost no cost. All you need is the following items:

  • 1 liter milk carton: enough volume for brass not to bounce back in to the action and easy emptying (as can be seen in the above video)
  • 1 wooden fork
  • 1 ice cream stick (without the ice cream, eat it first)
  • handful of staples, few rubber bands and a knife for cutting the carton






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