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Talvi SRA 2015 Photos

Special Squad attended an SRA competition (a Finnish discipline  that is similar to IPSC 3gun, but with a little army reserve twist). Here’s some photos (videos will follow later).

Chinese “NSR” Free-float

I have been looking for a 15″ slim keymod freefloat(s) for my AR build(s) and I found multiple manufacturers with suitable freefloats, like BCM, Leapers, Noveske, MI, etc. but these are from not very easy to nearly impossible to acquire to Finland.

So I came across a “noveske NSR” on Thinking that maybe it is a “night shift” or “back door” model from the actual factory, maybe an airsoft rip-off, but the price was pretty good, so one was ordered.

When the float finally arrived, it seemed sturdy and pretty well finished (including the Noveske engravings). A closer look and the installation process gave away some cues for the cheaper price. Another friend of mine ordered the same float in 9 inch and said instead of nice engravings, he had some shitty laser engravings.

left: Rail is not in same plane with Upper Receiver, Right: mounting screws with and without spacers
left: Rail is not in same plane with Upper Receiver. right: Mounting screws with and without spacers.

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Demo videos of IPSC

I have though for a while to do some sort of recap or compilation from the vast amount of un-edited shooting videos. I finally managed to get myself to do it, as I’m instructing an IPSC beginners course next weekend and these kinds of demo-videos will be a good addition to the rule-books and slideshows.

Demo 1 is about different start conditions: loaded, chamber empty and unloaded (or “Option 1 through 3”)


Demo 2 has reloads with pistol, shotgun and rifle


And the final video has different “stage challenges” and one example solution for them


Ps. I’m truly sorry about the few scenes that were apparently filmed with a potato..

Nordic Rifle Match 2014

SS-RO on pre-match stage 19
SS-RO on pre-match stage 19

Special squad (SS) participated in Nordic Rife Match 2014  as Range Officers and shot the match in pre-match. For us the event was 4½ days from wednesday afternoon to sunday. SS was responsible to handle stages 15 and 16 on main match.

We had two new cameras to provide better coverage of the failures events of the match, totaling in possible 5 different angles.

such cameras
such cameras

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Freefloat for Norinco 56S

Why not? That’s the answer to your obvious question: Why?

Yes, it is an airsoft stock held in place by some aluminium bar and few screws. I borrowed the whole idea from a fellow hobbyist. Thank you!
Not 100% happy with the outcome but had to live with the tools I had in hand. All of this was made in balcony of urban apartment.
Not 100% happy with the outcome but had to cope with the tools I had in hand. All of this was made in balcony of urban apartment.
I also made thinner front sight from M4 bolt with electric drill and file. Old thick sight next to new as comparison.


Special Squad attended a three day 3gun match in Estonia, organized by Rewal Shooting Club. Both shooters were in standard 3gun division and component matches.

Unfortunately one Estonian shooter was superior and won all three component matches (although shot one of them in Open division as the tournament in question allowed shooters to compete in non-3gun division in one match) and thus won the Standard division 3gun with 300 points. Second and third had 235.39 and 235.31 points.

Special Squad got one silver medal from shotgun component match. Unfortunately the longest stage in the shotgun competition was cancelled and this might have been the reason for not getting more medals!


T3mppu HC
Handgun 54.72%  13./28 52.58  14./28
Shotgun 95.88% 2./20 74.14%  10./20
Rifle 73.69%  6./26 58.40%  16./26
3gun 224.29 points –> 7. 185.15 points –> 11.